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Harvey's Impact

Harvey's Impact

Dear Friends,

It's been just over three weeks since Hurricane Harvey inundated the Houston area with more than 40 inches of rain, flooding thousands of homes and causing billions of dollars in property damage. The floodwaters have now receded, but Harvey has left untold challenges in its wake for us and our community.

Harvey's impact on Fort Bend Family Promise is something we can't yet fully calculate. While we are so thankful our Day Center was spared, we are just beginning to comprehend the longer-term challenges to our mission. Hopefully, most of you understand that we utilize an interfaith network of congregations to provide overnight housing, food and support to homeless families while our staff works to help get back into permanent housing. With the impact of Harvey, that challenging task will be infinitely harder.

Several of our host congregations are unable to host our families either due to property damage or the fact that they are using their facilities for long-term disaster recovery efforts.This means we will incur the additional cost of placing families in "hotel weeks" until we can regain a full roster of host facilities.

  • Many of our church coordinators and volunteers were personally flooded and others have, understandably, redirected their time to assist flood victims.


  • Thousands of families in Fort Bend have been displaced by the hurricane, meaning there will be a huge demand for temporary housing. We expect it to be harder to find housing for families, and we expect the number of families seeking our assistance to rise.
  • Even prior to Hurricane Harvey, there was a dire lack of affordable housing throughout Fort Bend County. Average rents in Missouri City increased by more than 100% from 2005 to 2015. Places that used to rent for $600 to $700 now rent for $1,200 to $1,300 a month and we anticipate that being made even worse as a result of Harvey as landlords seek to profit from the increased lack of supply.
  • Like all non-profits in the area, our fundraising efforts will be impacted as charitable giving dollars are directed to flood recovery.

We hope you and yours are well. We’ve been nothing short of amazed at the outpouring of giving and caring we’ve seen this month, and we know Fort Bend will emerge stronger than ever if we continue to be there for our neighbors in need.

Thank you, friends, for taking the time to read our update. We realize the demands foryourattention and energy are many. As we gain a fuller understanding of the needs Fort Bend Family Promise will have long-term, we will share more information. In the meantime, if you wish to support our efforts, we thank you sincerely.

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