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Fort Bend Family Promise Coronavirus Emergency Relief

Fort Bend Family Promise Coronavirus Emergency Relief

Fort Bend Family Promise is facing tremendous pressure during the coming months. We have postponed our volunteer events and fundraisers due to the rising concern over COVID-19 in Texas. This affects our ability to accurately plan our financial forecast and ensure our program budget remains funded.

Meanwhile, our operations continue as normal. Our families are safely sheltered and our staff continues to provide necessary resources and referrals to the dozens of people calling us each week asking help. Our Housing Navigator is still working diligently to get our current families housed as quickly as possible.

The families and individuals we serve are among the most vulnerable populations affected by this world-wide epidemic. Bills continue to pile up while our families are being laid off from their minimum-wage jobs or are being forced to leave jobs because their children are no longer in school. Meals that are guaranteed during the school year are no longer easily accessible. Government offices that are providing our families with much needed resources are now even slower to respond. As we are all being asked to shelter in place, families experiencing homelessness are forced to co-exist with their own children in a single shelter room with limited resources for entertainment.


This pandemic is affecting all of us differently, but it puts an added stress on families and individuals experiencing homelessness. Please consider helping Fort Bend Family Promise assist these parents and children with securing all the resources they need! Your donation will change lives.


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Funds raised during this campaign will be designated for COVID-19 relief efforts in Fort Bend County, TX.

Any excess funds will be redirected to areas of greatest need.


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