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Jim Uschkrat, Senior Account Manager, ABB Inc.

How did you learn about Family Promise?

I was fortunate enough to have been involved in the early formation stages of this heartwarming interfaith ministry, since so many members of my home church at New Hope Lutheran were such early and enthusiastic promoters of our congregation's involvement to help our wider Fort Bend community. My role as our church Service and Mission Coordinator led me to meet Duane McCullough, who was the VISTA volunteer organizer who presented this program initially to the many churches in our area, including New Hope Lutheran. This is one of our congregation's most vibrant and rewarding ministries, with many enthusiastic volunteers.

What were your early perceptions about homelessness in Fort Bend County?

Originally I was admittedly a bit skeptical that there were any homeless families in our midst, in such an affluent-looking suburban community like ours in Fort Bend. I soon learned that the problem is hidden, but very real. We have had a waiting list for new guest families to come to our program for several years now. Our local school districts regularly track a high number of their students that they suspect are moving their home base often.

In your spare time, what interest you most?

I enjoy the outdoors, bicycle-riding and also reading. As much as possible I like to workout at the local Fort Bend YMCA, who has been a huge supporter of Fort Bend Family Promise by allowing our guest kids to engage in sports activities, swimming, and being with other young people

Are you excited about the new Day Center for Fort Bend Family Promise?

This has been a long time coming, since I helped to organize our present Day Center on the New Hope Lutheran campus as a "temporary" location. Our new Day Center will be one of the largest and nicest facilities in the country among the 160+ Family Promise networks nationwide. Kudos to the leadership on the Board for making this dream become a reality.


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