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Myths and Realities

There are many misconceptions about how the Fort Bend Family Promise program works. Here are some facts:


  • Families in the program spend the night in the Day Center building.
  • There are a number of shelters that support homeless families in Fort Bend County.
  • Family Promise receives funding from the national Family Promise organization.
  • Family Promise has chosen to construct a new Day Center facility versus remaining long-term in its current location.
  • Most of the adults who enter the Family Promise program are unemployed.
  • Family Promise struggles to help large numbers of families.
  • Families in the program are primarily from the neighborhood surrounding the current Day Center.


  • Families DO NOT spend the night at the Day Center. Overnight accommodations are provided at the hosting congregations, or when necessary, at a motel.
  • Fort Bend Family Promise is the only organization that shelters homeless families in Fort Bend County.
  • While the national Family Promise office provides ideas and resources Fort Bend Family Promise can use, Fort Bend Family Promise is financially independent from the national organization.
  • The current Day Center is in poor condition and its owner plans to demolish the building as soon as Family Promise moves out.
  • 90% of the adults enrolled in the Family Promise program have jobs. Most families have never been homeless before. Typically, an unexpected event such as: the loss of a job, an illness, or a family crisis is the catalyst for a family losing their home.
  • The Family Promise program is successful because of the intensive case management families receive. They program enrolls 3 to 4 families at a time (national cap is 14 people) and is committed to equipping families with skills needed for long term self-sufficiency. In 2012, 28 families, a total of 107 people, received support. Of those, 92% are back in their own homes.
  • While 35% of the families have been from Missouri City, the program supports families from all over Fort Bend County. In 2012, 29% of the families were from the Richmond/Rosenberg area.

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