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FBFP is people of faith working together to provide homeless families with HELP for today and HOPE for tomorrow. FBFP mobilizes churches in Fort Bend County to host families after the Day Center closes for the evening. We welcome all types of congregations to join our church network because we can all agree that children in our community should not have to worry about where they will sleep each night.

While at the churches, families are provided with an evening meal and a room with beds and bedding. Volunteers from the congregation share dinner with the families and provide overnight, on-site support with a spirit of warmth and hospitality.


In this environment, clients are able to maintain their dignity and privacy as the church becomes their temporary home. The kindness from these congregations helps diminish the hurt of homelessness in an environment where both volunteers and clients can grow and learn from one another.


Get Involved!

Wondering if your congregation could become a host or support congregation? Speak with the clergy or missions committee at your congregation and contact us to schedule a meeting or discussion to provide additional details. We’re always in need of additional congregations, and would be happy to hear from you.


Vera Johnson, Executive Director


(281) 403-3923


Host Congregations

Hosting rotates weekly among our host congregations. Once a quarter (four times each year), each host congregation provides overnight housing, dinner and hospitality to homeless children and their families.


Host congregations must have enough space to host three to four separate families — up to fourteen people — at a time. FBFP provides inflatable beds, with most congregations setting up their educational or activity rooms as temporary bedrooms for each of the guest families. Showers and laundry facilities are available at our Family Day Center, so it’s not necessary for congregations to have these amenities.


FBFP has a van and driver to transport guest families to and from the Day Center and hosting congregation. Families depart about 5:30 am to return to the Day Center so children can catch the school bus and parents go to their jobs or work with the case manager to find jobs and housing. Guest families stay with Family Promise until they find permanent housing as long as they follow the guidelines of program, with families currently staying an average of about 35 days.


FBFP does not accept guest families actively using illegal substances or with felony convictions or serious mental illness, and all guest families receive a criminal background check.


Support Congregations

Support congregations provide off-site support in a variety of ways – from financial support to assisting a host congregation with meals to supporting guest families as they transition into permanent homes. There are many opportunities for congregations of all sizes to join in the mission to get displaces families back to lasting independence.


Current Host Congregations

Current Supporting Congregations

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Coffee Club

Join our Coffee Club and be part of the caring community of people who are helping Fort Bend Family Promise get homeless children and their families back to self-sufficiency.

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